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New system on the way

Recently the good folks over at FileMaker released a new version of their award winning software. As FileMaker developers, we were naturally exited. We've had it a while now, and whilst there are no dramatic innovations to the previous version, there are some nice touches. Though these primarily benefit us as developers. That said as with all major updates to the FileMaker product, we will be updating all our products to bring them up to date with this latest version.
So we've already started, and you can expect to see a new version of the MA Master 2 and MA Club in a couple of months. Sorry it takes to so long, but we've got big plans! The next student management database will incorporate the two existing versions into one. We haven't decided what we will call it yet, so what this space.
Now however might be a good time to email us your thoughts, along with any enhancement requests you'd like us to think about while we work
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