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Opticon OPN2001 USB Companion Scanner

Though we recommend the OPN2002 bluetooth scanner for recording student attendance using our student management database on an iPad. We're also happy to recommend the OPN2001 for remote scanning of student attendance.

OPN2001 stores scanned barcode values on the device. These are then downloaded using software provided by Opticon to extract the data in to a data file (i.e. csv). This file can now be imported directly into the Attendance History. This is primarily aimed at those instructors who either choose not to or can't take their database with them to each class they teach.

However, functionality is limited, and this option won't be suitable for everyone. The scanned value doesn't tell the database what School and or Class the registration relates to. This means you can only use the scanner for individual classes, unless you are able to extract and save a data file for each class. On importing the data file into your Attendance History, you have to tell the system what School and Class the attendance records relate to. The database will process the imported records, applying attendance to the appropriate students record
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