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MA Club

Our new student management system. Take it for a test drive today!
Download a copy and try it for up to 14 days

Student Management Made Easy

Compatible with Windows & Mac OS
Spend time running your school and not your software
Go mobile with FileMaker Go and breakaway from the office - all our solutions have been designed to work on the iPad and iPhone

Software To Last

Our software is designed to make running your academy, school or association easy. It's affordable, flexible yet comprehensive. Everything you need in one place.
We've been building and supplying software to the martial arts industry for over 16 years. Our systems have been designed in partnership with our users. We're constantly improving, responding to our clients needs, keeping step with technology and changing work patterns. We take our business and yours seriously. We're here to help.

Our systems include:

MA Club builds upon the success of our MA Master 2 database.
Packed with lots of new features, it's faster, simpler and easier to use!
Get started today, there's nothing to loose...
Only £99
The database requires a user name and password to open. Please download and follow the MA Club Startup Guide before attempting to open it
MA Club has been designed specifically for the martial arts professional.
Record student information. Grading progression. Track tuition fees and attendance. Issue licences. Produce student ID cards, class and school registers, invoices, letters, emails, certificates and more...
How does it compare to MA Master 2?
We've put together a brief guide that matches them both side by side. Check it out here.
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